Lemnos island


<<…he bragged that he left to go to the beautiful Lemnos

                                                 the land that he loved more than any other>>

Homer’s Odyssey,294

With Homer’s poetical speech he appears on the scene of the ancient times;<<To beloved Lemnos>>


An impressive volcanic island with golden sand and clear beaches,low hills,traditional residences,important archaeological sites,popular products that were known since antiquity,such as wine,honey,cheese and plenty of fish.It is unexplored and it provokes you to explore it,to enjoy the sun,the beach,to taste the local special dishes,to get to know the residents and their hospitality ,to search the history that is lost in the depths of the centuries.An island that birthed spiritual people and inspired them with its beauties.With the same beauties it takes your breath away to this day and gifts you with happiness.It offers itself for calm and peaceful vacation.Lemnos island is located in the center of North Aegean and it is the 8th largest island in Greece.It has a total acreage of 477,60 square kilometers and perimeter of 259 kilometers.It is administered in the region of North Aegean and its total population is 17,645 residents.It has remained the guardian of tradition in the North-East department of the Aegean sea,waiting to get to know it up-close.

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<<To beloved Lemnos>> ,it is.

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