Explore the Sea World

Exploring the aquatic universe.

Clear seas, huge underwater wealth and endless exploration options. Underwater photography, spearfishing, acquaintance with the flora and fauna at the bottom of the sea. The geology of Lemnos took care to create ideal conditions for those who want to go deep into the sea. An inexhaustible source of adventure and discovery, the seas of Lemnos attract more and more divers.

Lemnos is considered to have one of the best preserved marine ecosystems in the Aegean.So if you are into swimming and diving, or would like to be introduced to the world of the seabed, it is the right destination for you.

The crystal clear seas and a huge underwater wealth, from the meadows of Poseidonia to the wide variety of fish fauna from at least 40 species of fish and shelfish, open in front of you offering magical images.Besides, the special underwater geological formations due to the volcanic activity of the area offer a unique spectacle.

It is worth noting that on the island and specifically in Nea Koutali from 1963 to 1970 operated a State School of Divers as a result of the love of the inhabitants for divinh and sponge fishing.


The seabed in Lemnos has special characteristics and great variety.

The seabed on the rocky shores located from Evgatis to the bay of Moudros, is completely different from the seabed of the nothern and northeastern coasts, or the coasts around Myrina.

Particular attention should be paid by those who want to go diving, because strong currents and dangerous water flow may appear in some places, especially east and northeast.For the safety of the archaeological treasures, diving is prohibited in the area of Myrina and from the bay of Bournias, to Plaka.

There are a few diving schools on the island that offer their services to experienced and novice divers.The diving school in Moudros trains beginners and is a meeting point for experienced divers.After the basic training, the interested ones can dive up to 6 meters, accompanied by the instructor.And of course, continuing the lessons someone gets to the point of doing scuba diving on their own.One of the most beautiful places on the island for underwater exploration, is a shipwreck in Kombi, on the peninsula of Fakos and a place with rocks that strongly resemble pyramids, in Evgatis, but also in the rocky islet of Prasonisi.