Daily Tour with bus

 An excursion that practically covers all the main spots of interest on the island. Birthplace of god of steel-Hephaestus- of mysteries, of democracy. It stands out from every other island in Aegean for its scenery, the various archaeological and cultural spots and traditions. Lemnos residents are considered very friendly and open-hearted and the excursion is giving you the chance to get to know them along with the history of the island, its colorful locations, the archaeological sites, villages, beaches and other spots of interest.



Our excursion at the breath-taking attractions of Lemnos starts at 09:00am with an air-conditioned mini bus and a guide. Our first stop is the picturesque Kondias, one of the biggest villages in Lemnos, known for its windmills and the stony colorful houses. There we will admire the stony traditional windmills and we will take photos. Also we will visit the Art Gallery of Kontia and we will see the artwork of Lemnian painter Ralis Kopsidis. Next stop is the village Portianou, where we will visit the Folklore Museum of the area and enjoy our morning coffee at the square of the village in a traditional cafeteria. In the entrance of the village stands one of the most beautiful mansions of Lemnos, Winston Churchill’s residence. We pass by Moudros, the first capital of the island, which gained international fame in 1918 when the Moudros Convention was signed in the area between the Turks and the Allies. Next we visit the military cemeteries of the 1st World War.

Our next destination is Poliochni, the first organized city in Europe and the first parliament in Europe.

In the north part of the island we visit the archaeological site of Caveirio, which is considered the most ancient and one of the most important worshipping spaces in Ancient Greece. Exactly under the archaeological site we will visit the unique Philoktiti’s cave.

Later on we make a stop at the village of Repanidi, where we visit the holy temple of Saint George, the oldest church in Lemnos, since 1860.It is now considered great Byzantine architecture with one-of-a-kind wood carvings and wall paintings, truly an elegant piece of architectural artwork.

Our next stop is Kotsinas.Nowadays in Kotsina’s port the imposing brassy statue of the legendary heroine Maroula is located in the yard of the holy temple of Zoodohou Pigi.We will learn information about Maroula’s personality, an important historical figure in the history of our island. Afterwards we will visit the church of Zoodohou Pigi, which is built in the entrails of a fort from the 13th century, the only castle in Greece that is built on an artificial hill. We will go down 64 steps that lead us to the holy springs. At the end of the day we stop for swimming and lunch.

Arrival at 04:30pm.



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