Day trip to the island of Ag Efstratios


Departure from the harbour in Myrina at 09:00.
Pausanias, the famous geographer of the ancient world, claimed that the island of Saint Efstratios emerged from the sea near Cape Methones during the Homeric Golden Age, and was most probably located to the north of Lemnos. He dates this to 197 B.C. Having been recently created in the North Eastern Aegean, it was called ‘Nea’ i.e. ‘New’.

Today’s visitors have nothing but good to say about the island where St Efstratios lived, its natural beauty, its lovely beaches and its hospitable people. This charming island, where one can relax in the turquoise waters of the Aegean, provides unforgettable and peaceful holidays for every visitor.

At the end of our tour we recommend the nearby sandy beach of Pahis for swimming which you can find a few metres away from the harbour. For an enjoyable meal we suggest that you try the picturesque restaurants, which have a view of the harbour where you can sample fresh fish, meat and traditional island appetisers.

Please assemble for departure from the island at 17:00 for the return to Lemnos.

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