Wine Tour

Tour around Lemnos, guided by flavors, to earn an unforgettable experience.

We begin at 18:00 in the afternoon with destination a family winery,where we will get to know the process of producing the Lemnian wine and a tasting of varieties of wine will follow,accompanied by different kinds of cheeses and cold meats.

We continue with an ouzo distillery,where we are guided through the ouzo production spaces and we learn information about the process of distillation.

At the end of the night we go to the tavern MANTELLAS in Sardes where we have a menu of traditional Greek foods.

The island,known as a granary since antiquity, sustains the tradition of excellent pasta from local grains up to these days.Flomaria, valanes and aftoudia, served with cheeses and meats mark the local gastronomy.Two of the most delicious Greek cheeses, are made on the island, kalathaki of Lemnos [Product of Protected Appellation] and the unique melichloro or melipasto.

Products of the times of “fertile Lemnian Earth” from the “Lemnian Land” from the field, the garden,vineyard,beehive,the producer’s band, straight to the kitchen and your plate. Traditional flavors,combined with Aegean’s fish, the meat products from free-range animals with local herbs.  Dishes with strong local identity that narrate with their own way the history of imam baildi.

Two varieties of wine reign the island, the Lemnian or Kalampaki and Alexandria’s Moschato, that gives the Products of Protected Appellation.The sweet wines that are produced from overly ripe grapes of this variety have been internationally nominated and they define the taste of Lemnos. The wine is so sweet, that it almost changed the outcome of the Troian war! In Homer’s piece “Iliada” the supreme commander Agamemnonas criticized his warriors that,instead of fighting with 100 and 200 Troians in the fight as they bragged about earlier, sit and get drunk by sweet wine from Lemnos from spilling glasses.

The Lemnians viticulturists can rightfully brag that they learned the art of wine by first hand, from Dionysius and the island’s first king, Thoanda.

Gastronomical tourism’s and wine tourism’s lovers will mark their own theme excursion on the island’s taverns and wineries.

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