Lemnos-Gallipoli Tour

This excursion is of an historical interest and its goal is to honor the brave souls that were lost in the war,mainly in the Gallipoli campaign. The relationship between Lemnos and Australia and New Zealand and honouring ANZAC is really important to us and that is why we make sure you remain satisfied with our services.

We visit the military cemeteries of Portianos and Moudros, the convalescent camp Sarpi and Moudros Bay.

The wounded,the sick and the weary soldiers found refuge on Lemnos.Docks, warehouses , roads,desalination plant and wagon tracks are constructed on the island and, along with hospital ships, field hospitals and rest camps operate.

The conditions faced by troops were often harsh but staying in Lemnos had its pleasant moments too. The visits to the capital and its castle, the festivals and the churches, the cafes and small shops were beneficial getaways for the army .Despite the differences in living standards , the locals’ attitude towards the soldiers was especially hospitable.

This way a warm relationship among the troops of Australia,England,New Zealand,India,France,Canada and the locals was created.Lemnos offered everyone peace and solace throughout the terrible war.

The Armistice of Moudros on October 30th,1918 signalled the end of World War I.

In Gallipoli,there are 31 Commonwealth cemeteries while three others are found in Lemnos:the military cemeteries of East Moudros and Portianos with over 1,200 casualties and the Muslim cemetery of West Moudros with 170 deceased from the Egyptian Labour Corps and 57 Turkish prisoners.